Psychology of Performance Workshops

Private Practice:
Portland, Oregon


Whether you’re a doctor or a musician, finding the novelty in your work is one way to “enjoy the note you’re on.” There is always some area of performance in everyone’s life. In addition to musicians and other performers, I counsel lawyers, retailers, and others who feel they are “in the spotlight” in their jobs. I help clients manage the issues that impede their best performance, teaching clients to disarm the negative voice in their heads and ensuring that the work they do matches the task at hand. I have a long career as a musician and a therapist, and offer a unique insight into the psychology of performance. The idea of enjoying the note you’re on is to be as engaged in what you are doing as you possibly can.

I had the pleasure of attending Fred Korman’s workshops at the Las Vegas Music Festival. His warmth and sincerity immediately put all the participants at ease to openly discuss and explore their inner worlds as musicians and human beings. He is a true artist, not only on the oboe, but also in crafting an effective, non-threatening atmosphere where performers can benefit from self-awareness, and sharing common experiences.
     - Kristin Wolfe Jensen
       Associate Professor of Bassoon
       The University of Texas at Austin