I maintain a private practice in Portland, Oregon, where I see individuals and couples. I have trained as a Gestalt therapist with the Portland Gestalt Institute, as well as in Canada and Italy.

In my work as a therapist, I nurture the real experience occurring in the moment between us and allow issues to emerge naturally through dialogue. I work as closely as possible to meet my clients in their experience, and support them in expanding their ways of being in the world. I also make clear, verbal contracts with clients regarding goals in therapy, i.e., What do want from our time together? How can I assist you in getting there? How can we make complete or resolve what is incomplete or unresolved in your life?

In my private practice, my usual format is to see clients for an hour once per week, or less often as per clients' needs. In couples work, appointments can take up to eighty minutes depending on how the dialog between us unfolds.